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Magical Healing Natural Crystal Amethyst Skull | Natural Brazilian Dream Amethyst

Magical Healing Natural Crystal Amethyst Skull | Natural Brazilian Dream Amethyst

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A beautiful new addition to your crystal corner at home. This stunning crystal skull is intricately hand-carved from natural Amethyst and polished to give it that flawless sheen. This mesmerizing purple-hued crystal is for its healing properties including bringing a sense of tranquility to the mind, protecting you from negative thoughts, and preventing unpleasant dreams. This Amethyst crystal skull helps clear blockages in your crown chakra and is great to meditate with or to use in your crystal grid. A wonderfully fun gift for the crystal lover in your life and makes an eye-catching decor piece for your home. 

How is it made?

Hand-carved crystal skulls are some of most popular products, and people are always amazed when they find out that it is really magical and have amazing healing properties.

After mining the precious gemstones, each Skull is carved manually and goes through various quality checks before leaving our warehouses, and then it is delivered to you. 


  • Weight: 800-1000g
  • size: 9-11cm
  • Mineral: Natural Brazilian Dream Amethyst


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