Made To Order

ZEWAH Made to Order service offers you the freedom to create their own unique pair of bespoke handmade shoes or boots specific to your personal style and needs.

We also offer the same service for our accessories, such as bags, belts and wallets.

From our in house design team to our in house Master Craftsmen workshop, guidance is on hand from our team ensuring every detail is
realised to your discerning specifications and requirements.

Whether inspired by iconic classics or more contemporary reiterations, select your desired model and begin the process of personalization to fulfill your individual needs and wishes.

Before the design aspect begins, we will create a last sculpted to the exact millimeter of your feet to ensure a perfect fit.

No two feet are the same, and it is the attention to this detail that acts as the foundation to bring you a truly bespoke article.

Once the last has been created, you will begin to choose from our wealth of full grain leathers and suede options including but not limited to: Calf Leather, Natural Mild, Kid Suede, Box Leather, Crocodile Printed Leather.

At Zewah we source leathers ethically from across the globe. The leather selection at Zewah is comparable to a Michelin Starred Chef selecting their ingredients. If they quality of the raw ingredient is not to standard, the final article never will be.

Once you have chosen the type of leather, select from the vast spectrum of colour options offered which best reflect your personal style or designed for the special occasion. Combine contrasting colours for a bold statement, or keep classic tonal shades for an understated appeal. It is completley up to you.

Designed to fit any lifestyle, focusing on your wishes, Zewah offer the characteristics of traditional leather soles or the functionality of a weather resistant rubber sole, with a range of options offered for each.

Whilst choosing the finish, we offer custom design, patina finishes, tattooing and leather embroidery to further separate your design into a true one of one.

Zewah Made To Order creations are made with exacting standards, historic values and discerning quality. Combined with expert
craftsmanship only bestowed to shoes bearing the mark of Zewah.

A Zewah Made to Order article will take up to, but not limited to 30 days. A design from our archives with smaller adjustments could be
created within 14 days.

The final 3 days of this process include the finished article sitting on your custom last for 72 hours to ensure the shape of your article is kept for a lifetime.

For any further details, or questions you have, simply leave your information in the contact box and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

For a more timely response, click the WhatsApp Button and get in touch with our Sales Team directly. We hope to hear from you soon.

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