Collection: White Servis Cheetah High Top Sneakers

In Afghanistan, the white high-top sneakers have acquired a disturbing association as they have been consistently worn by generations of Afghan fighters. Unfortunately, these sneakers now serve as a grim symbol of the Taliban's violent insurgency.

In the city of Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan, there is a large marketplace where several shoe vendors offer a popular item: unpretentious white leather high-top sneakers adorned with green-and-yellow accents. These sneakers have gained significant popularity and are among the best-selling products in the bazaar.

However, the reason behind the sneakers' popularity is not because they are the latest fashion trend. Instead, they evoke a single emotion among many Afghans: fear. These sneakers have become a beloved symbol among Taliban fighters, representing their status within the group. Unfortunately, these sneakers have also become a grim and haunting symbol of the relentless and ongoing war in Afghanistan. Their white silhouette is often seen traversing the country's battlefields, which are marked by dirt, sand, and the tragic stains of blood.

Known as Cheetahs, these sneakers are manufactured by Servis Shoes, a prominent shoe company based in Pakistan and recognized as one of the largest in the industry. Originally targeted at athletes, these sneakers have received endorsements from sports stars, adding to their popularity. As Servis Shoes' top-selling model, Cheetahs have gained significant traction among consumers.

For numerous decades, these sneakers have been worn by armed insurgents in Afghanistan, spanning from the Soviet-Afghan war in the 1980s to the subsequent U.S.-led war that started in 2001. Their association with armed conflict has left an indelible mark in the collective memory, intertwined with the tragic toll of death and devastation that Afghanistan has endured since the Soviet Union invaded in 1979.

These sneakers have now become inseparable from the notion of violence, particularly when seen on the feet of the Taliban, solidifying their association with acts of aggression and turmoil.