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Servis Cheetahs CH-DI-0028 Sports Sneakers For Men

Servis Cheetahs CH-DI-0028 Sports Sneakers For Men

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  • When it comes to sports shoes for men, the options are endless. Nevertheless, they are not always good enough to be used long-term, or sometimes, they lack the much-needed element of comfort.
  • Servis has named this article Servis Cheetahs CH-DI-0028 Sports Sneakers and for good reason, as it is one of the most authentic and durable men's athletic shoes worn by customers in the past 50 years. It is one of their bestsellers and is always in demand.

    Servis Cheetahs CH-DI-0028 shoes are crafted with lots of padding to alleviate the stress when your feet strike the ground. These shoes shield your foot's front and heel while being made for forwarding motion. A good pair like this prevents issues like tendinitis, shin splints, and stress fractures. Servis Cheetahs CH-DI-0028 Sports Sneakers are the best in the town.

  • The Servis Cheetahs CH-DI-0028 is a very popular running and sports shoe in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Servis Cheetahs CH-DI-0028 are produced in the UK shoe sizing chart. This is one size larger than the US shoe sizing chart. A UK 10 is a US 11, for example.

  • Achilles tendon protector. Reduces stress on the Achilles tendon by locking the shoe around the heel.

    Heel collar. Cushions the ankle and ensures a proper fit.

    Upper. Holds the shoe on your foot and is usually made of leather, mesh, or synthetic material. Mesh allows better ventilation and is lighter weight.

    Insole. Cushions and supports your foot and arch. Removable insoles can be laundered or taken out to dry between walking sessions.

    Gel, foam, or air midsole. Helps cushion and reduce impact when your foot strikes the ground.

    Outsole. Makes contact with the ground. Grooves and treads can help maintain traction.

    Toe box. Provides space for the toes. A roomy and round-toe box helps prevent calluses.

  • Premium Leather
  • Inner Sole Leather
  • Outer Sole Leather
  • Upper Sole Leather
  • Worldwide delivery
  • 8 to 10 working days
  • Materials

    Premium Calf Leather

    Shipping & Returns

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    can replace them if there are any issues with quality or damage. We'll
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Christian Daggett
    Cheetah servis

    Shoes are very comfortable, wonderful customer service. No complaints will buy here again

    Ivan Cadigan
    Fast Shipping, Good Size/Condition

    Fast shipping even with international. I got a half size larger than what I usually wear and they fit great!

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